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Sunny and Safe Summer Escapes

We all know this won’t be a typical summer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get outside and enjoy the warm weather while staying safe. Here are some ways you can participate in some of your favorite seasonal traditions and make the most of your summertime! Go Glamping For those who prefer to experience the great outdoors with a healthy dollop of indoor comforts, glamping (you know, “glamorous camping”?) might be your summer jam. Featuring luxury accommodations, from spacious wood-framed canvas tents and yurts to designer treehouses and “tiny homes,” glamping provides resort-like amenities (hello, running water!), prepared meals and a variety of old-school and open-air activities that don’t require mobile phones. From lobster rolls in the deep woods of Maine to fly-fishing, hot springs and towel warmers (oh, my!) in the Colorado Rockies, there are lots of ways to get your glamp on. Back to the Drive-In While social distancing continues to be a challenge, it has also inspired us to rediscover some of the simple pleasures of the past. Drive-in movies are enjoying a revival, with outdoor screens calling us to load up on snacks, jump in the car and head back-in-time to enjoy old classics and new releases. If you can’t find a local drive-in, create your own outdoor cinema in the backyard, driveway, or other open space with a widescreen wall. Stare at the Stars You won’t need fireworks for a reason to look at the sky: Three unique astronomical events are set to occur in July—no telescope needed. Beginning around 11:07 PM (EDT) on July 4, a lunar eclipse will be visible for most of North and South America until 1:52 AM. Two of the biggest planets in our solar system will reach their peak brightness mid-month: Jupiter, on July 14, and Saturn, on July 20. Finally, a double meteor shower—nature’s fireworks!—will dazzle the night sky on July 28 and into July 29, with as many as 20 colorfully flashing meteors per hour. We All Scream for Ice Cream While you may not be able to enjoy a cool scoop (or three) of summer in-person at your favorite ice cream shop, many local creameries are offering pints for pick-up or even shipping them. You might even try setting up your own sundae bar in your backyard, featuring an artisanal assortment of ice creams, such as Morgenstern’s Green Tea Pistachio, Salt & Straw’s Chocolate Gooey Brownie or Graeter’s signature Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip.

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