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Feeling Green: Celebrate Earth Month

April is Earth Month, and we are celebrating by encouraging everyone to participate in activities that promote sustainability and bring attention to climate change and other issues concerning our environment. From safely enjoying the beautiful weather while planting trees or helping to restore our parks and beaches to educating yourself and your loved ones about the environment and ways we can help, celebrating Earth Month is the perfect way to embrace the seasonal spirit of hope and renewal.

Get Planting

Plant a tree or some native flowers to help restore local habitats and keep our outdoor areas beautiful and lush. Beyond the beauty they bring, trees offer environmental benefits by producing oxygen and filtering out pollutants in the air. Consider planting a fruit tree this year, knowing that it will bear fresh, edible gifts for family, friends and neighbors for years to come.

Get Inspired

The documentary The Year Earth Changed recounts uplifting stories from around the world of the pandemic’s positive impacts on the environment. From hearing the sound of birds in deserted cities to witnessing whales communicate in new ways, the film captures people experiencing nature like never before and explores ways that humans and wildlife might better coexist in a more sustainable world. Watch it on Apple TV+.

Eat Green

One of the best—and most delicious—ways to minimize our personal impact on the environment is to adopt a plant-based diet. From avocado and grapefruit salad and sesame soba noodles to a hearty portobello mushroom burger, we’ve rounded up a few different plant-based recipes worthy of a chef’s kiss!

Show Up

There are lots of local and virtual Earthy events to participate in all monthlong—film festivals, park and beach clean-ups, tree plantings, sustainable art shows, and more! To find events in your area, check out the Earth Day website here.

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