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Create the Perfect Holiday Table

A beautifully set table isn’t just nice to look at and snap photos for Instagram. It creates a feeling of festivity and encourages us to embrace much-needed celebratory moments. Whether hosting a virtual dinner or safely sharing a special meal with small gathering of loved ones, our tablescapes deserve a little pomp and seasonal splendor. Try some of these creative and festive ideas for decorating your fall table.

Add Layers Use different sets and patterns of dishes and linens to create layers and give your table a sense of dimension. Depending on the formality of the event, you can easily knot napkins or add napkin rings for a more decorative look.

Add Height You can literally elevate your tablescape from everyday to holiday by adding vertical elements, from tapers and candlesticks to champagne flutes and other stemware that adds height.

Seasonal Touches Figs, pears and other fall fruits can add seasonal flavor for both the palate and the eye, from using apples as candlesticks to creating a centerpiece out of a beautifully decorated pie or cake. Fill old spice tins, ceramics and other interesting vessels with flowers and foliage from a local flower shop or farmers market to really get in the seasonal spirit.

Personal Touches Handwritten place cards, menus and other thoughtful gestures can add authentic intimacy to the table. Consider sending your guests home with small box of macaroons or muffins for the morning. For an extra special touch, give each guest a monogramed napkin—or better yet, a personalized face mask.

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